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Title SKKU-SOM Award for Excellent Researchers
Name SKKUSOM Date  2018-05-25 Hit 691

SKKU-SOM Award for Excellent Researchers


SKKU-SOM Award for Excellent Researchers was held to congratulate researchers and research professors on their endeavors for outstanding research. The award was newly established to encourage researchers to win more small/medium sized research projects. The awardees were selected according to the research fund recuritment results in 2017.

Dean Yon Ho Choe, Vice Dean of Research, Prof. Byung Ok Choi and the Director of Biomedical Science Program, Prof. Taejin Kim joined the event to congratulate the 7 awardees on their outstanding research. The awardees were rewarded with the Certificate of Acknowledgement, and were provided witn incentive to provide motivation for further research outcomes.

SKKU-SOM is keen to support the young researchers to host more research funding projects. SKKU-SOM appreciates the efforts of the young researchers who make great challenges to carry on their research, and wish to provide them with better environment for sustainable research.