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Title SKKU-SOM Student Union Spring Excursion
Name SKKUSOM Date  2018-04-30 Hit 686

SKKU-SOM Student Union Spring Excursion


SKKU-SOM student union hosted the spring excursion to Mount Cheonggye on April 29. It is an annual occasion for SKKU-SOM MD program students to host an athletic event for all students and faculty members to join. This year, it was decided as a hiking program at Mt. Cheonggye. Over 70 students joined the event and Dean Choe, Vice Deans of SKKU-SOM and other faculty members joined the hiking program. It was a beautiful and sunny spring afternoon, and students actively communicated with their colleagues, seniors and juniors and enjoyed walking in the nature. The students also had to communicate with the Dean and faculty members joining the event to share ideas and raise suggestions. After 2 hours of walking, the participants were invited to join the dinner party nearby. SKKU-SOM is always looking for more opportunities for students and faculty members to meet in person and to share different ideas.