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Title Entrance Ceremony for Medicine Program
Name SKKUSOM Date  2018-03-28 Hit 765

 Entrance Ceremony for Medicine Program


After 2 years of Pre-medicine curriculum, SKKU-SOM students enter into the phase of Medicine curriculum. To congratulate the completion of the Pre-medicine program, and to encourage students to actively get engaged in the latter part of the 6-year program SKKU-SOM annually holds the Entrance Ceremony for Medicine Program at the beginning of spring semester.

All students going on to the third year of the program gather at the auditorium, and make vow to sincrely participate in the Medicine program. Dean Choe congratulated the students for beginning the official major programs for SKKU-SOM. Dean Ch oe especially emphasized the value of sincerity and honesty and asked all students to be truthful in their own behaviours. The faculty members also joined the event and encouraged the students by presenting the students with a SKKU badge.

Prof Tae Jin Kim, the Head of Biomedical Science Program at Suwon campus gave a brief introduction to the 3rd year program at SKKU-SOM, and provided guideline about the courses that students will take during AY 2018. The event ended with a pizza party where students enjoyed themselves and shared their plans for the latter 4 years of campus life at SKKU-SOM.