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Title 2018 SKKU-SOM Winter Open House
Name SKKUSOM Date  2018-01-29 Hit 774


2018 SKKU-SOM Winter Open House


2018 SKKU-SOM Winter Open House was held on January 8, 2018. Approximately 60 students joined the program early morning at Samsung Medical Center. The participating students were invited from different high schools all over Korea who have interest in coming to Medical School. Prof. Yon Ho Choe, the Dean of SKKU-SOM expressed warm welcome to the students, and introduced SKKU-SOM as well as the life of doctor based on his own experience. Dean Choe also invted few of his colleagues at the Department of Pediatrics to share their experience as young doctors at Samsung Medical Center. After the meeting with Dean Choe, the students had opportunity to look around the SKKU-SOM education facilities at Samsung Medical Center.



After the tour of Samsung Medical Center, the students went on a bus ride heading to SKKU Natural Sciences Campus in Suwon. The bus arrived at the Medical Building where the first 2.5 years of the SKKU-SOM MD program is held. The students were provided with lunch box, and enjoyed lunch at the lecture hall at the Medical Building. After lunch, the current students at SKKU-SOM gave brief introduction to life as medical school students, and also provided guidelines in the admission process of SKKU-SOM. The students were taken around the Medical Building and the campus to find out how campus life is at SKKU-SOM. As the last part of the program, the students were divided into small groups to have personal Q&A session with the students at SKKU-SOM.


SKKU-SOM holds the Open House program twice a year, providing high school students with opportunity to find out about the program and curriculum of SKKU-SOM, and to look around the facilities of the school whrere medical school students actually live in. The application period is every June-July and November-December. We look forward to meeting more of future SKKU-SOM students through the Open House program.