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Title Dean Kyung Soo Lee at 2017 Inter-Academy Seoul Science Forum
Name SKKUSOM Date  2017-11-08 Hit 991

Dean Kyung Soo Lee presents at 2017 Inter-Academy Seoul Science Forum


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  2017 Inter-Academy Seoul Science Forum was held at Seoul Plaza Hotel on October 31, 2017. Prof. Kyung Soo Lee, the Dean of SKKU School of Medicine was invited to present as a plenary speaker with the topic on Science and Technology in Health Care. Prof. Lee gave a talk titled Convergence for Delivering Improved Healthcare: Where Do We Stand and to What Direction Are We Moving Forward?.


Prof. Lee introduced how Samsung Medical Center and SKKU School of Medicine has built strong fundamentals by conducting high-impact research projects, and emphasized that the medical scientists at SKKU and SMC will continue their challenges for new topics in convergence medicine.


This years Inter-Academy Seoul Science Forum was the 6th annual event, which is one of the most representative international academic occasions hosted by The Korean Acadmey f Science and Technology.