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Title SKKU-SOM 20th Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony
Name SKKUSOM Date  2017-03-28 Hit 967

SKKU-SOM 20th Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony


SKKU-SOM celebrated its 20th anniversary on March 2nd, 2017. Established in March 1997, SKKU School of Medicine has rooted itself as one of the leading medical schools in Korea. To celebrate this momentous occasion, SKKU-SOM organized a series of events to celebrate its 20 years of history. In addition, it looks to the future in order to bear fruit for the next generation.



The 20th anniversary celebration officially kicked off last November when SKKU-SOM hosted the International Symposium on Translational Medicine. The symposium invited renowned researchers from all around the globe to present and inform up-to-date research outputs in translational medicine. Over 250 faculty members and researchers joined this event to share and collaborate on a myriad of ideas for future research.

On March 2nd, the 20th Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony began with the commemorative planting of a zelkova tree by Dean Kyung Soo Lee. (Throughout Korean history, the zelkova has been a staple of heritage and everlasting beauty.) Over 100 guests joined the ceremony, including the President of SKKU, the Director of the University Foundation, the CEO of Samsung Life Public Welfare Foundation, the President & CEO of the training hospitals, the Former Vice Presidents of Medical Affairs, the Professor Emeritus, the faculty members, and current students. The ceremony began with the Greetings from the Dean, and it was followed by the Congratulatory Address from the President, a report on the past 20 years of SKKU-SOM, and reminiscence from the faculty alumni members.

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 Dean Kyung Soo Lee giving welcoming address     President Kyu Sang Chung giving congratulatory address


Dean Kyung Soo Lee announced in his address that SKKU-SOM has now matured to the stage of adulthood, and it will continue with its endeavors to become one of the top medical schools in the world. In order to reach this goal, he emphasized the importance of teamwork from all the members of the SKKU-SOM. The ceremony ended with a video montage, which showcased some beautiful memories of the past 20 years at SKKU-SOM. The event was concluded with a dinner reception which allowed all the participants to share in the history and future of SKKU-SOM.