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Title 2017 SKKU-SOM Award of Excellence
Name SKKUSOM Date  2017-02-22 Hit 876

2017 SKKU-SOM Award of Excellence


2017 SKKU-SOM Award of Excellence was awarded on February 14 during the SKKU-SOM Faculty Meeting. Total of 21 individuals and 1 team was awarded for the research and education contributions they have made during 2016.


Dean Kyung Soo Lee congratulated the awardees for their excellent research and educational accomplishments made during 2016 and encouraged all faculty members to engage more actively in research and medical education.


The SKKU-SOM Award of Excellence began in 2015, and has been continued for 3 years. The award is intended to provide incentive for the faculty members who produce prominent research outputs, or the faculty members who contribute to the development of medical education at SKKU-SOM.