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Title 2017 SKKU-SOM Commencement Ceremony
Name SKKUSOM Date  2017-02-17 Hit 1029


  ¡Ø 2017 SKKU-SOM Commencement Ceremony



The SKKU-SOM 15 th Commencement Ceremony was held on February 15 th at the Samsung Medical Center. Completing the rigorous medical curriculum from 4 - 6 years, a total of 44 students graduated. This year, 43 of the graduating students were qualified for the National Doctor¡¯s License Exam. In addition, the students are expected to go through their internship in several major Korean hospitals, including the Samsung Medical Center.

At the ceremony, Dean Lee emphasized honesty, consistency and compassion for becoming a respected doctor in his congratulatory speech. The Vice President of Medical Affairs and Presidents of 3 training hospitals joined the ceremony to congratulate and encourage the graduating students. They wished them a bright future and looked forward to them becoming brilliant medical scientists.