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Title 2016 White Coat Ceremony
Name SKKUSOM Date  2016-11-29 Hit 903


  2016 White Coat Ceremony




 2016 White Coat Ceremony was held on November 25th at the Samsung Medical Center for the 3rd year students who will be entering clinical clerkship program. The event is held to congratulate the students for completeting the Pre-Medicine program, and to encourage the students to feel responsibility as future physicians as they make their first step in clinical medicine.


 The Ceremony was hosted by the SKKU-SOM Student Union, and the senior students joined the event to celebrate this event with the 3rd year students. At SKKU-SOM, the students spend their first  2.5 years at Natural Sciences Campus in Suwon, and move to Samsung Medical Center in November of their third year. This event was traditionally prepared by the student union to welcome the students to the new environment and also to build network with the upper grade students who can help them adjust quickly to the clinical education . Dean Lee and the faculty members joined the ceremony to congratulate the students, and actually put on the students white coats to show that the students are now prepared for clinical training at  Samsung Medical Center.