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Title Annual SKKU-SOM Faculty Seminar
Name SKKUSOM Date  2015-12-02 Hit 1536


Annual SKKU-SOM Faculty Seminar


Annual SKKU-SOM faculty seminar was held on November 21, at the Natural Sciences Campus in Suwon. This event is provided for the faculty member to share the common vision and to find ways to enhance the education and research performance of the faculty members.


Over 140 faculty members including the Vice President of Medical Affairs, the Director of Samsung Changwon Hospital,  and the Director of Samsung Medical Center joined the event. The CEO of Samsung Life Public Welfare Foundation and President Kyu Sang Chung of Sungkyunkwan University also participated in the program.


The seminar began with the lecture from Dean Kyung Soo Lee on "Annual Reports on Academic Affairs" , followed by special lecture from Mr. Soon- Bong Yoon (CEO of Samsung Life Public Welfare Foundation) titled "Who are we". Several programs regarding medical education and research were provided throughout the day.


The faculty members also had time to network and to share their ideas during the dinner reception which was provided at the Medical Library. It was a meaningful event where faculty members from 3 hospitals and the university mingled and shared consensus on how to better develop SKKU-SOMs performance in education and research.