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Title 2023 Winter SOM Graduation Ceremony Held on February 15th
Name SKKUSOM Date  2023-03-03 Hit 503


School of Medicine, Sung Kyun Kwan University (SOM) recently held its graduation ceremony on February 15th. The event was filled with joyous celebrations as 30 graduates took their first steps into society. 

This years ceremony was particularly special because parents were able to attend the event in person after a three-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With recent changes in COVID-19 related restrictions, parents were finally able to join in on the festivities and celebrate their childrens accomplishments together.


The ceremony was not only attended by faculty and parents but also by junior students. SOM student council created a video message of congratulations and SOM orchestra club ¡®Crescendo¡¯ prepared ensemble performances to celebrate the achievements of their seniors. It was a touching moment that demonstrated the strong bond between students of different class years at the university.


During the ceremony, the graduates received their diplomas from the dean Lee Joo Heung. The valedictorian also took a moment to reflect on the graduates¡¯ academic achievements and shared their gratitude towards the university for providing them with an excellent education.


The SOM has a reputation for producing successful medical professionals. With this graduation ceremony, hope that our legacy of excellence continues.