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Title 2022 SOM Career Talk Concert
Name SKKUSOM Date  2022-10-20 Hit 531


On 13th October, 2022 SKKU SOM Career Talk Concert was held at medical building. This year¡¯s Career Talk Concert was available both on- and off-line. Professor Gyu Yeo Huh(vice president of student affairs), professor Jong Geol Do(School of Medicine), professor Seung Chan Kim(School of Sport Science), and 152 SOM students attended the concert.


Career Talk Concert started with the vice president of student affairs¡¯ greeting and encouragement and moved on to each speakers¡¯ session. Professor Jong Geol Do¡¯s session was mainly focused on rehabilitation medical treatment. He gave fruitful information about robot technology using in rehabilitation and relationship between digital healthcare and rehabilitation. In sequence, professor Seung Chan Kim gave a vivid lecture about remote rehabilitation system and digital healthcare. He introduced various real life examples such as active robot arms, 3D touchscreen, and motion analysis technology using in medical field.