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Title 2022 Global Track Scholarship Program Presentation Successfully Held
Name SKKUSOM Date  2022-09-16 Hit 428

2022 Global Track Scholarship Program Presentation Successfully Held


2022 Global Track Scholarship Program presentation was held on August 26th. SKKU SOM¡¯s     Global Track Scholarship Program let M3 students take lecture from one of the world¡¯s most famous universities during ¡®summer challenge semester¡¯ and help them to widen their vision by experiencing diverse culture. This program was launched in 2018 to provide more opportunity for students to get the scholarship.


The program was canceled in 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid19, and this year¡¯s plan was also somewhat uncertain since the global pandemic situation was still unstable. Though it was worrying, dean and vice deans of SOM decided to reopen the program on condition that each students research and find foreign universities¡¯ suitable summer sessions on medical field. M3 students did their best on research to set a fruitful education plans. In return, Professor Gyu Yeon Huh, vice president of student affairs and administrative staffs committed to support the students.


Students were sent to 4 universities (UCLA, University of Oxford, Kings College, and Imperial College London) and took 15 lectures in total from 2 to 6 weeks. They claimed even though the region and lectures were diverse, it was equally worthy for all of them. Students also expressed gratitude for the dean and vice president of student affairs for supporting and heartwarming encouragement.


Joo Heung Lee, the dean of SOM said he was so grateful that all student thought and acted maturely during the program. He stated all student seem like they fully understood that this program¡¯s ultimate goal is to offer them an opportunity to look back on themselves by ¡®confrontation¡¯. Also, he promised Global Track Scholarship Program will go on the next year also since it went on so successfully this year. Lastly, he showed gratitude to the vice president of student affairs for her commitment.


SKKU SOM is planning to expand this program to not only foreign universities¡¯ summer session, but also NGO or other volunteer organizations so that out students can broaden their horizons