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Title Prof. Oyoung BANG is selected SKKU Fellowship
Name SKKUSOM Date  2020-03-23 Hit 944

Prof. Oyoung BANG is selected SKKU Fellowship


Our university selected Professor Oyoung BANG in School of Medicine, as the professor of "2019 SKKU-Fellowship."

The 2019 SKKU-Fellowship standardized the selecting the best professors by academic field based on the quality level of the research paper (number of papers for subjects for subjects, IF sum and so on).

The SKKU-Fellowship system is the highest honor given to professors by our university since 2004, and is a system that gives exceptional research support and honor by selecting best professors with world-class research skills or with high accessibility in each academic field. The aim is to improve the research environment so that professors with the highest level of research ability can generate world-class research results in quality by minimizing their lecture obligations and focusing on research.