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Title SKKU Responds to Coronavirus Outbreak to Protect and Inform Community Members
Name SKKUSOM Date  2020-02-24 Hit 720

SKKU Responds to Coronavirus Outbreak to Protect and Inform Community Members

Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) is working to keep community members safe and informed as the coronavirus infection has reached a critical level within the country.

In addition to monitoring the situation closely, SKKU¡¯s Office of International Relations is reaching out to all exchange students in China as well as taking careful measures to quarantine students who have visited the country.

The University has set up an emergency response committee to actively monitor the news and recent updates about the virus and established working groups to coordinate SKKU¡¯s response across its two campuses.

SKKU has additionally taken steps to cancel all group events for February, including the Freshmen Orientation, Korean Language Institute¡¯s winter term, and Entrance Ceremony for Newly Admitted Students. The university will continuously update the community as the situation changes via its homepage as well as through social media channels. For more information about the current measures that are being taken, please refer to the SKKU Notice Board.

The university is taking this situation very seriously, and is receiving directions from the immigration office and public health officials. SKKU is advising all community members to refrain from stigmatizing and discriminating students, faculty, and staff of Chinese origin as the risk of the virus should be based on travel and exposure history, not on race or ethnicity.