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Title 2019 Anatomy Orientation
Name SKKUSOM Date  2019-06-20 Hit 574

2019 Anatomy Orientation


Anatomy Orientation for 2019 was held in the last week of June. Anatomy Orientation is a introductory program for the second year students(M2) which is organized by their 1 year senior students(M3). The third year students organize an overview of the anatomy course which the second year students will be taking in the following semester. The program is categorized in to different parts of human body, and everyday after the program there is a quiz or a test to check the understanding of the participating students.


SKKU-SOM is always delighted to see the students working on these program proactively, and wish that this type of programs can not only provide knowledge to anatomy but also help build strong friendship between colleagues at the School of Medicine. We thank all the third year students for their efforts in organizing the program, and the second year students for their active participation.