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Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) has created a scholarship program for selected international graduate students with who apply for majors in Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics (STEM) fields. The Scholarship Program is available for incoming graduate program students enrolling in one of STEM-field departments. Graduate students admitted to School of Medicine are included in this scholarship program.


First Semester


A. Freshmen Scholarship


All international students accepted to the graduate programs in the STEM field department will be granted the
scholarship of 50% of tuition and admission fee in the first semester.

B. Conditional Scholarship

Students who satisfy one of below conditions will be nominated for a full scholarship (including Tuition Fee
and Admission Fee) in their first semester.

* The final selection of the full scholarship awardee is decided from the Student Affairs Office


Conditions for Candidates for Full Scholarship 
1. Academic Excellence
1.1 Graduated from a top 500 University from QS World University Rankings
1.2 Graduated from a department included in the top 300 from QS World University Rankings by Subject
1.3 Graduated from a top 100 University from QS Asian University Rankings
1.4 Graduated from a top 50 University from Chinese University Alumni Association University Rankings
2. Research Excellence
2.1 Published more than 1 research paper in SCI journal as a main writer
2.2 Published more than 2 research papers in SCI journal as a co-writer
3. Professor¡¯s Recommendation
3 Recommended by one of the full-time faculty members of the department the student is applying to



Following semesters


Students who received the scholarship are able to continue receiving it according to the conditions below in the ensuing semesters. Students in receipt of the STEM Scholarship for International Graduate Students are strongly recommended to meet the relevant conditions in order to maintain the financial aid.


Scholarship Guideline for following semesters 
 1. Academic Excellence
1.1 ~ 1.4

Decided upon the previous semester’s GPA

  •  • 4.2 or above: Full scholarship
  3.8~4.2: 70% scholarship
 2. Research Excellence
2.1 Main writer: Full scholarship every semester until the completion of the program
2.2 Co-writer: 70% scholarship in the following semesters
 3. Professor’s Recommendation

Previous semester¡¯s GPA

  • 3.8 or above: Full scholarship

  • Lower than 3.8: Scholarship will vary according to the regulations at the School of Medicine

* The scholarship program is not applicable after the completion of the program: Please note that Ph.D. candidates are required to register 4 research enrollments after completion of the coursework to work on their dissertation