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Title Quarantine Guide for incoming International Students
Name SKKUSOM Date  2020-08-14 Hit 1356

Quarantine Guide for incoming International Students

1. Precautions for Individual Reservations
Those subject to quarantine must cooperate to prevent further infections in accordance with the ¡®Infectious Disease Control and Prevention Act , and anyone who violates the act may be imprisoned for up to one year or fined up to 10 million KRW in accordance with Article 79-3 (Penalty).

2. Quarantine Accommodation Guide
1) SKKU dormitory application
-Eligibility: Applicants who wish to enter the dormitory in the fall semester of 2020
-Isolation Dormitory: (Suwon Campus) Dormitory
-Available date: After September 5, 2020 (Sat)
-Inquiries and application: Email inquiries and application 1 week prior to arrival (dorm@g.skku.edu)
-Dormitory cost: 490,000 KRW (2 weeks, including meals).  There is a penalty (50,000 KRW) for cancellation within 2 days of the expected date of entry.
2) Quarantine facilities (individually booked): You must be able to live alone in an independent space (toilet and kitchen or delivery meal plan).

* Available accommodation
-Places such as ordinary houses
-If you can stay via a long-term contract or reservation, such as Airbnb, residence, apartment, etc.
¡Ø(Seoul) Applications to reserve quarantine support facilities (hotels) through local governments:
- cost: 1,400,000 KRW (for 2 weeks, including meals),
- how to apply: email to skku119@skku.edu in advance
(Application form will be updated)
* Restricted types of accommodation
It is not possible to quarantine in facilities that use shared spaces such as rooms, toilets, and kitchens.  Multi-stay facilities shared with the public, such as hotels, motels, and guest houses, are also not allowed.
3. In case of suspected symptoms during quarantine, you should immediately contact the Centers for Disease Control (1339) or the local public health center.
¡Ø Community Health Center
- Seoul, Jongno-gu: 02-2148-3725
- Suwon, Jangan-gu: 031-228-5092/ (after 6:00 PM) 031-228-5717