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Training Hospitals

SKKU School of Medicine has three training hospitals where the students can receive high quality clinical education throughout their curriculum.

Samsung Medical Center (SMC)

The Samsung Medical Center, located in the southern part of Seoul, is one of the leading hospitals in Korea, as well as in the Asian region. SMC was opened in 1994 with the mission to ‘contribute to the national health enhancement.’ The hospital has been changing the medical culture of Korea with advanced medical treatments which lead to patient satisfaction.

Address: 81 Irwon-Ro Gangnam-gu. Seoul, Korea 135-710
Phone: +82-1599-3114
Website: http://english.samsunghospital.com

Samsung Changwon Hospital (SCH)

Samsung Changwon Hospital, the affiliated hospital of SKKU-SOM, is located in the southern part of the Korean peninsula. Since its opening in 1981, SCH has been a leading hospital in the region and serving the local community. SCH not only provides quality medical service, but it also plays an important role of systemic education and creative research for SKKU-SOM students.

Address: 158, Palyong-ro, MasanHoiwon-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea 630-723
Phone: +82-55-290-6000
Website: http://smc.skku.edu/en

Kangbuk Samsung Hospital (KBSH)

Kangbuk Samsung Hospital is located in the northern part of Seoul, close to the downtown area. Since its establishment in 1968, the hospital has served its community to support healthier lives for its patients. Equipped with state-of-the art facilities and passion to serve the patients, it is now one of the most preferred hospitals in Seoul. KBSH is especially well-known for its ¡®Health Promotion Center¡¯ which encourages preventive medicine before treatment.

Address: 29 Saemunan-ro, Jongno-gu Seoul, Korea 110-746
Phone: +822-2001-5100
Website: http://kbsmceng.kbsmc.co.kr/