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Q: I am very much interested in applying for the graduate program at SKKU School of Medicine. Can you advise me on how I should process the application, and how to communicate with the faculty members before applying?

A: Thank you for your interest in SKKU-SOM. SKKU-SOM graduate program is open to international students. Please look into our faculty information on the website and contact the faculty member related to your research interest via email or phone. It is best to communicate directly with the professors to find out the availability in the lab for new graduate students. If you have difficulty finding the professor¡¯s contact information, please contact us at hyo7164@skku.edu.

Q: I am an international student and wish to go through MD program at SKKU-SOM. Is it possible for international students to apply for the MD program at SKKU-SOM?

A: I am very sorry to inform you that MD program at SKKU-SOM is currently not available for international students. Other colleges and schools provide various programs for international students, and we advise you look into the website of our Admissions Office (https://admission-global.skku.edu/eng/) for more details.

Q: I am a Medical School student from outside Korea, and would like to go through clinical attachment at one of the training hospitals at SKKU-SOM. Is there any way that I can apply for the opportunity for this kind of experience at hospitals affiliated to SKKU-SOM?

A: If you are a student at one of our partner institutions with MOU, we can receive your application through the nomination from your home university. The training hospitals will go through screening process and will decide on the admission of your application for clinical attachment.

Q: We are interested in starting a partnership with SKKU-SOM. What would be the best way to facilitate the procedures for the discussion on new partnership?

A: SKKU-SOM is open to new partnerships with institutions around the globe. Please contact SKKU-SOM (hyo7164@skku.edu) with more information on interest of collaboration, and our coordinator will contact you soon to discuss in detail about possible collaboration.

Q: We are a medical school outside Korea, and are interested in visiting SKKU-SOM for discussion about possible collaborations. Can you advise us about how to arrange the tour of SKKU-SOM and the training hospitals?

A: Availability for visiting the campus and the training hospital varies according to the schedule. Please contact SKKU-SOM at least 2 weeks in advance with details about the visiting request. The coordinator will arrange the appropriate tour and the counterparts for the visit with early notice.