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Campus Info.

Medical Building

Built in 1993, the Medical Building is a 9-story building equipped with a variety of educational and research facilities including; Multimedia classrooms, PBL rooms, conference rooms and large auditorium for academic symposiums. The high-speed network shares its information system not only within the campus, but also with affiliated hospitals outside campus.

Multimedia Medical Information Center

The Medical Information Center holds over 300,000 books on Natural Science, over 2,000 Medical journals. The center provides information through various database search systems to effectively support students and faculty members.


PBL rooms are small-sized seminar rooms for Problem Based Learning programs. The PBL rooms provide IT networks and multimedia textbooks which enables students to work together with their colleagues as a small-sized group.

Student Dormitory

SKKU School of Medicine provides students with on-campus dormitories. The dormitory provides students with various facilities including internet service, fitness center, and cafeterias.