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SKKU School of Medicine Administrative Office

The Administrative Office of the School of Medicine provides support for students and faculty members to enhance the effectiveness of education and research. The office concentrates on providing safe and pleasant environment and satisfactory administrative service for the students and faculty members.


     Address: 71111 Medical Building, Sungkyunkwan University Natural Sciences Campus 2066 Seobu-ro,
                       Jangan-gu, Suwon, Korea

     Phone: +82-31-299-6021

     Fax: +82-31-299-6029


Staff Members

Office Name Title Phone Email
Suwon Office HAN, JIN OH Director, Administrative Office   +82-31-299-6020 jno2han@skku.edu  
Minsuk JANG Faculty Affairs  +82-31-299-6024  msjang@skku.edu 
Bumchan KIM   Academic Affairs (Graduate) - kbc0110@skku.edu
Eunhye LEE   Academic Affairs (Training Hospital)   - eunhlee@skku.edu