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Graduate Program

The Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) School of Medicine is seeking highly motivated international students to join our graduate program in future biomedical sciences. This graduate program consists of six specialized units: Cancer biology, Neuroscience, Infection and immunity, Metabolic and genetic disease, Data science and personalized medicine, and Development and regenerative medicine. Students are therefore required to take both core and specialized courses in each unit and conduct research projects for their PhD theses. The graduate program offers a BK21 Plus PhD fellowship, covering the tuition fee and stipend for students with backgrounds in biology, medicine, chemistry, engineering and other related research experiences.

The SKKU School of Medicine, affiliated with Samsung Medical Center, is an international leader in biomedical education and research. According to the THE World University Ranking, the SKKU School of Medicine in 2019 ranked 41st in the world and 1st in Korea in the field of Clinical, Pre-Clinical and Health..

The detailed conditions and processes are as below:

PhD or Master & PhD combined program

Applicants must hold, or anticipate receiving before enrollment, a university degree in their home country
(BSc., BA, MSc., Diploma, DEA, etc.).

Research Units and Faculties

Cancer biology, Neuroscience, Infection and immunity, Metabolic and genetic disease, Data science and personalized medicine, Development and regenerative medicine   download
For more information, visit us at http://biomedical.skku.edu/  If you connect to Google Chrome, you can translate this site into English


The graduate program offers BK21 PLUS fellowship covering the tuition and stipend for students.


The applicant must submit the following document to biomedical@skku.edu by October 5th, 2020.
    1. Application form* (supporting materials including transcript and certified English grade**) download
    2. Three reference letters directly from referees download

* Please note that this information and relevant documents will be distributed within the SKKU School of
   Medicine for assessment.
** English certificate is not mandatory.

Admission procedure

All application documents are reviewed by admission committee with openings. A shortlist of candidates will be informed within three weeks after the deadline for skype meeting or onsite interviews. The final offer will be given to the selected students within a month after interview.

Life at Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine and Korea

PhD students will participate in various social and research activities such as Annual Science Meeting, Annual PhD retreats, Seminars in Future Biomedical Science, and Monthly Happy Hours. International PhD students are able to study in a multicultural environment, which provides good opportunity to start an international career. Korea is an internal hub for culture and sciences. In special, there is a good opportunity to study the state-of-the-art biomedical research in Korea since multiple academic research institutes and pharmaceutical companies lead the biomedical researches and provide collaboration opportunities.


Please contact the SKKU School of Medicine PhD Program Office at biomedical@skku.edu for any queries.