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Title SKKU-SOM International Symposium on Medical Education
Name SKKUSOM Date  2017-11-14 Hit 504

  SKKU-SOM International Symposium on Medical Education



SKKU-SOM International Symposium on Medical Education was held on November 9, at the Samsung Medical Center. The symposium was held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of medical education at Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine. The theme of the symposium was Beyond the Classroom, Beyond Reality which focused on 2 topics - flipped learning and augmented/virtual reality. Speakers were invited from in and out of Korea who represented innovative teaching methodology and technology.


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Speakers from Harvard University, National University of Singapore, The University of Hong Kong, University of Otago gave talks on their experience in innovative medical education. The early adapters of innovative teaching was invited from Dankook University and SKKU-SOM to share their insights on new paradigms in medical education. The student representative at SKKU-SOM presented the students perspectives on effective learning. Over 100 participants joined the symposium from different medical schools in Korea to learn from the speakers experiences. The leaders of Korean Society of Medical Education were invited to chair the symposium sessions.




Dean Kyung Soo Lee thanks all participants who showed interest in the symposium, and wish that this academic occasion can contribute to providing better teaching and learning environment to students in Korean medical schools. He emphasized the importance of responsiblity as educators of the faculty members, and appreciated the participants passion and dedication for better education.