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Title SKKU-SOM Faculty Meeting in KBSH and SCH
Name SKKUSOM Date  2017-04-28 Hit 827


 SKKU-SOM Faculty Meeting in Kangbuk Samsung Hospital and Samsung Changwon Hospital


 In April, the SKKU-SOM faculty meeting was held in both Kangbuk Samsung Hospital and Samsung Changwon Hospital. The annual meeting is held in both hospitals for active communication between the faculty members at the training/affiliated hospitals and the leadership of SKKU-SOM.


The faculty meeting at Kangbuk Samsung Hospital was held on April 10,with over 50 faculty members at KBSH. Dean Kyung Soo Lee, the Vice Dean of Research, Education joined the meeting and also the President and CEO of KBSH, Prof. Ho Cheol Shin participated in the meeting. At the beginning of the meeting, Dean Lee distributed the certificate of appointment to the promoted faculty members. During the meeting, current issues in research and education at SKKU-SOM was informed, while many faculty members raised questions to the Dean and the Vice Deans on their issues of interest. Dean Lee specially put emphasis on the new journal launced in March, Precision and Future Medicine, and asked the faculty members to share their research outputs through P&FM.


The faculty meeting at Changwon Samsung Hospital was held on April 21. It also began with the distribution of certificate of appiontment for the promoted faculty members. Dean Lee also shared the launch of new international journal with the SCH faaculty members and asked for their participation.  The President and CEO of SCH, Prof. Sung Hwa Hong, expressed strong intest in the improvement of student education facility in the newly built Ilwon Station Building. He also emphasized that the SKKU-SOM students will have better learning environment at SCH during their clerkship due to the improvements in SCH facilities recently. President Hong also suggested variety of ideas in order to strengthen the research performance of SCH, and the Dean and the Vice Deans also shared their opinions in various ways to promote the reserach capacity of SCH.


SKKU-SOM is always trying to better communicate with the training / affiliated hospitals through various methods, and will make endeavors to make different channels to share ideas with faculty members in the training hospitals.