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Title New international journal Precision and Future Medicine
Name SKKUSOM Date  2017-04-25 Hit 944


Introducing the new international journal Precision and Future Medicine


SKKU-SOM launched a new international journal titled Precision and Future Medicine (P&FM). The first issue was published on March 31st, 2017. The concept of launching SKKU-SOMs own journal started more than a year ago, but unfortunately, the MERS outbreak of 2015 put a hold on the process, and the launch was delayed. During the delay, the editor-in-chief (EIC) resigned, and the Editorial board members were changed, as well. However, Dean Kyung Soo Lee had a strong vigilance towards launching a new journal. He appointed two new editor-in-chiefs. Prof. Oh Young Bang, from the Dept. of Neurology, and Prof. Tong Mook Kang, from the Dept. of Physiology. The range of P&FM covers general medicine. Having two EICs from both sides, P&FM will present a balance and bridge of the two areas of medicine.

As a newcoming journal, it was difficult to attain article submissions for the first time. However, many professors at SKKU are great researchers, and they are the foundational source of quality research. Editorial board members asked fellow professors to submit articles to the newly launched journal. Authors could submit their articles to already well-established journals, yet they contributed their work for the new journal. The original articles consist of research conducted at one of SKKUs training hospitals, quality reviews by great research teams, and a case report made just for the first issue of P&FM. The journal publishes quarterly, and an early e-pub version will be made available as an e-journal. All the articles are accessible online through the website
http://pfmjournal.org , and the full text is available online with no costs. The journal welcomes new and innovative diagnostic and therapeutic information, rather than conventional clinical trial results. Researchers all around the world are welcome to submit to the new journal, and it will soon become a true international and widely cited journal in the near future.