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Title SKKU-SOM Student Athletic Day
Name SKKUSOM Date  2017-04-17 Hit 702

SKKU-SOM Student Athletic Day

Annual student athletic day was held on April 8. The SKKU-SOM student union organized a tracking program for 2017 athletic day, and approximately 70 students joined tracking at Cheonggye Mountain.


This year, the faculty members who take the role of academic advisors were also invited to the program, and many joined the event to communicate with the students while tracking the mountain in beautiful spring weather. After coming down from the mountain, dinner party was provided for the students with pork and duck BBQ. The students were able to mingle with their peers outside campus through this event, and it also enabled them to share ideas with the faculty members in a relatively comfortable environment.

SKKU-SOM student union plans to expand the annual athletic day and hopes to invite more faculty members in the event in the years to come.