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Title Orientation for Freshmen Students (MD Program)
Name SKKUSOM Date  2017-02-28 Hit 753


Orientation for Freshmen Students (MD Program)


Orientation program for freshmen students for AY 2017 was held on February 27th at the Medical Building, Natural Sciences Campus. Total of 41 freshmen students who are about to begin their journey of 6 years of MD program joined the orientation along with the parents and family members. The program is designed to provide students and their parents with more detailed information about the curriculum and campus life at SKKU-SOM.


Dean Kyung Soo Lee gave welcoming address to the students and parents, and congratulated them on their admission to SKKU-SOM. Meanwhile, he emphasized modesty as one of the key factors for becoming a respected doctor in the future. He also stressed the importance of willingness to change in order to keep up with the fast-changing society. Prof. Hee Jung Son, the Vice Dean of Education gave introduction to the curriculum and the graduation qualification to the students. She introduced the newly-launching 6-year curriculum to the students, and emphasized the importance of balanced learning throughout the 6-year program including the pre-medicine period. Prof. Yeon Ho Choe, the Vice Dean of Academic Affairs gave overall introduction of SKKU-SOM and provided guideline for future career path for the students after their graduation from SKKU-SOM.


After the presentations, the students and parents were given opportunities to ask questions about their queries to the faculty members. Many questions were raised regarding the curriculum, scholarship opportunities, dormitory issues, etc. Dean Lee promised to continue the active communication with the students and parents throughout the program.