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Title 2017 Anatomy Orientation
Name SKKUSOM Date  2017-01-26 Hit 779


  2017 Anatomy Orientation


2017 Anatomy Orientation program for 3rd year students are being held from January 21 to 26 at the Medical Building in Natural Sciences Campus. This annual program is provided for students who just completed their Pre-Medicine Program, and will begin their Medicine Program from February 2017.



The program is prepared by senior students who just finished their 3rd year. Short lectures and tutoring is provided for the participating students so that they can be better prepared for the anatomy and advanced biomedical courses in the upcoming semester. At the end of each day, participating students go through quizzes which they have to take several times until they finally pass the cutline.


The Anatomy Orientation is not only an academic program but it is a opportunity for senior and junior students to get to know each other better, and to have active communication. The junior students learn from their seniors on the know-hows to make the first year of Medicine Program more efficient, and the senior students look back on what they have learned and have chance to review the important issues again. SKKU-SOM finds this type of student-oriented mentoring very much effective, and provides students with necessary administrative supports.