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Title 2017 SKKU-SOM Winter Open House
Name SKKUSOM Date  2017-01-23 Hit 744

SKKU-SOM Winter Open House

SKKU-SOM Winter Open House was held on January 20th.  Over 80 high school students who are interested in learning about the medical education program at SKKU participated in the program at Samsung Medical Center and the Medical Building at the Natural Sciences Campus.

Dean Kyung Soo Lee gave welcome greetings to the students and introduce briefly on what it is to become a medical school students, and how they should prepare themselves. More detailed information and tips on preparing for the Medical School admission was provided from the Alimi students, who belong to a student club named Alimi, which is a club dedicated for promoting the university to high school students. 




After the morning schedule at Samsung Medical Center, the students took the bus to move to the Medical Building at the Natural Sciences Campus. On the campus, students took a tour of the Anatomy Lab and also some of the laboratories at the Biomedical Science Program. The students were able to learn about different career of the medical students, not only as a clinical practioner, but also a s a biomedical scientists.


The Open House program at SKKU-SOM is provided twice a year, during the summer and winter break. Students who are interested in joining the program can apply on-line at our website. The notice on the program is usually provided in mid-June and Mid-December.