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Title Presentation Session for Biomedical Science Degree Candidates
Name SKKUSOM Date  2016-12-29 Hit 862


  Presentation Session for Biomedical Science Degree Candidates





  The degree candidates for biomedical science program had a public presentation session on December 29th. Total of 9 PhD candidates and graduates from summer presented their dissertation and had discussion with their colleagues and juniors during the presentation session. Before the presentation from PhD candidates and graduates, Masters Degree candidates and graduates had their poster presentation session to share their thesis with other students and faculty members.



  Dean Kyung Soo Lee also joined this event to congratulate the students for completing their degree with excellent papers, and also to encourage the remaining students to put their utmost efforts into producing high-impact research in the coming new year.


 After the presentation, the presenters were awarded on their excellent research and presentation. For participating students, lucky draw was provided and many students received gifts prepared by the graduate school. This event was organized by the Biomedical Science Program student union, and was supported by the Single Cell Network Research Center (MRC) to acknowledge the graduate students contribution for their efforts throughout the year, and to encourage high-quality research in the new year.