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Title 2016 Fall Medical Education Grand Round
Name SKKUSOM Date  2016-11-24 Hit 794


2016 Fall Medical Education Grand Round




The Medical Education Grand Round (MEGR) for 2016 Fall was held on November 7th at Samsung Medical Center Cancer Center Auditorium. Prof. Ju Hyun Park (University of Ulsan, School of Medicine) who gave a lecture by the title of Opera Falling into Film attracted the entire audience to fall in love with the opera.


Prof. Park introduced 40 movies which showed opera within it, and also 4 directors who were specialists in the field of opera. He also shared the parts of the movie where the opera appeared and drew interest from the audicence. Prof. Park concluded the lecture by proposing the audience to have chance to watch some of the introduced movies which will help them feel more comfortable toward opera.