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Title SKKU-SOM student publishes article in SCI journal
Name SKKUSOM Date  2016-03-18 Hit 944

In January 2015, Jiwoong Yu visited the United States to enroll in the elective practicum course. His destination was the Cancer Institute of New Jersey (CINJ) and his mentoring professor was Isaac Kim of the Department of Urology. While at CINJ, Yu was an active and self-initiated student who was eager to learn and experience a different environment. Prof. Kim recommended Yu to write a research article based on what he had been learning. From scratch, Yu wrote about how he had to learn basic statistics worksheets to analyze the Urology data that he collected during the practicum. His idea for the research and the data, which he collected, looked promising to Prof. Kim, and after a month, Yu returned to Korea to collect additional data from the Samsung Medical Center and the Seoul National University Bundang Hospital for a greater sample size. Based on nearly 2,000 cases, Yu completed his research. Analyzing and drawing from the results was not an easy task to overcome, but with supportive help and encouragement from many professors, the research was able to come to fruition. Although the article was rejected from multiple publishers, Yu revised and edited it based on the feedback that he received from the reviewers¡¯ comments.

In August 2015, CINJ published their research on the ¡°Clinical Genitourinary Cancer.¡± Yu¡¯s name was on the list of co-authors since he was an active researcher in the elective practicum. November of the same year, ¡°Pathological Outcome following Radical Prostatectomy in Men with Prostate Specific Antigen Greater than 10ng/ml and Histologically Favorable Risk Prostate Cancer¡±, whose primary author is Yu, was finally accepted to the Journal of Urology (IF 4.360) (J Urol. 2015 Dec 1. pii: S0022-5347(15)05249-0. doi: 10.1016/j.juro.2015.11.031). And for this matter, Yu¡¯s accomplishment has been worthy of recognition and praise. Even though he received tremendous help from supportive professors, it was his determined endeavor that was the main engine to drive the project all the way to the finish. In the future, Yu has plans to continue his collaboration with more professionals, such as Prof. Kim and the distinguished professors at CINJ.