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Title SOM graduates research projects go public
Name SKKUSOM Date  2015-12-30 Hit 1099

On December 29th, School of Medicine Graduate School of Biomedical Science graduates degree candidates presented their research projects to the public. MS candidates prepared poster presentations and presented to fellow graduates and participants. The poster presentation (session 1) was 1 hour long and it was a good warm-up to following presentations.

Before listening to the presentations prepared by PhD candidates, Dean Kyung Soo Lee made a warm and short speech cheering the hard work of the students and advising professors.


At the session 2, 4 PhD candidates presented their researches and the titles are as follows:

  • Identification of AbaR resistance islands between Acinetobacter baumannii complex by Dae Hun Kim (supervised by Prof. Kwan Soo Ko)

  • Protein kinase B/Akt phosphorylates histone 2A, controlling neuronal apoptosis under oxidative stress by Ji Hye Park (supervised by Prof. Jee-Yin Ahn)

  • Secondhand smoke prevalence in 252 regions of Korea in three exposure locations by Li-Yuan Sun (supervised by Prof. Jae Hyun Park)

  • Generation and regulation of pacemaker activity by TRPC3 channels in nigral dopamine neurons by Ki Bum Um (supervised by Prof. Myoung Kyu Park)


Of course all the researches are worth being awarded, but one research got the best dissertation award. At the session 3, Se-hyuk Kim who got the best award presented his research paper titled Ssu72 is essential for maintaining hepatic chromosome integrity and regulating hepatic functions (supervised by Prof. Chang-Woo Lee).

After all the presenters finish introducing their researches to the public, the award ceremony was held and lucky draw was followed. The whole event took about 4 hours but most of the participants stayed till the end. At the end of the event, participants had dinner together and shared their ideas on research projects that were introduced that day.