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Title Winning the 17th National Medical School Tennis Championship
Name SKKUSOM Date  2019-10-10 Hit 561


At the 17th National Medical School Tennis Championship held at Dalbit Park in Incheon on October 5, 2019, SKKU-SOM students from the tennis club SMAC (advisor: Professor Lee Ki-young) won the title in mens doubles (M6 Koo Ja-gun, M5 Kim Seung-woo) and runner-up in womens doubles (M6 Shin Ji-won and M5 Baek Ji-won).  
In addition, Kim Seung-woo, a M5 student in mens singles, made a good move to the quarterfinals. 

SMAC, a tennis club at our medical school, was formed in 2016 and currently has 80 students participating to promote a healthy school life with tennis.