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Title 2019 SKKU-SOM M2 students regular course entry ceremony
Name SKKUSOM Date  2019-09-09 Hit 298

<2019 SKKU-SOM M2 students regular course entry ceremony>

2019 SKKU-SOM held a ceremony to celebrate for M2 students to enter the regular course on September 3rd at Medical Building. This event is not only to encourage students who are about to take the regular courses but also to official commencement ceremony of pre-medical courses. The whole 44 students gathered at the medical building and carefully keep deans address about presentism in mind. Each student was worn SKKUs official badge on their left chest by their own academic advisor. From freshmen to M2s first semester, students learn about mental attitudes as a future medical doctor just like what kind of doctor they need to be. From 2019 Fall semester, however, M2 students enters into the regular courses which teach them theoretical knowledge as much as clinical practice. what doctors needs to know.