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Title 2019 Samsung Changwon Hospital Faculty Meeting
Name SKKUSOM Date  2019-04-08 Hit 325


SKKU-SOM Changwon Hospital Faculty Meeting



SKKU-SOM Changwon Hospital Faculty Meeting was held on April 5. This year, the new President of Sungkyunkwan University, President Dong Ryeol Shin and the Executive Vice Presidents  from Seoul and Suwon Campus joined the meeting. Of course, the Executive Vice President of Medical Affairs, Prof. Kyung Soo Lee, Dean Yonho Choe, and the Assistant Deans participated in the meeting as well to communicate with the faculty members at Samsung Chnagwon Hospital(SCH).

The meeting began with the appointment ceremony for the new faculty members and the promoted faculty members at SCH. President Shin and Executive Vice President Lee made greetings to the SCH faculty members. The Vice Dean of Academic Affairs, Prof Hee Jung Son, introduced the remodelling of the 6-year curriculum at SKKU-SOM. Each of the Vice Deans reported current issues in each part.

After the reporting from each Vice Deans, the faculty members raised questions and made discussion on some of the issues reported. After the discussion, President Shin and the delegation made tour of new facilities at SCH including the Harmonium which is a refreshing space provided for faculty and staff members to encourage active communication in the hospital. A dinner reception was hosted by the Director and CEO of SCH, Prof. Sung Hwa Hong. The participating faculty members enjoyed dinner and actively shared many fruitful ideas that can contribute to the improvement of education and research at SKKU-SOM.