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Title 2019 Spring Career Talk Concert-Biomedical Science
Name SKKUSOM Date  2019-03-06 Hit 255


2019 Spring Career Talk Concert: Biomedical Science



On March 13, the second Career Talk Concert was held at the Clinical Education Center. The event was hosted by Biomedical Science Department. This program was initiated to encourage students to look into different choices in their future career. This semester, the faculty members at the Dept. of Biomedical Science prepared a program to introduce students to the career path as a biomedical scientists.


Students from 4th, 5th and 6th grade participated in the program and listened to the introduction from the faculty members and the current graduate students who also graduated from SKKU School of Medicine. The overview of the graduate program was introduced by Prof. Taejin Kim, the Director of Basic Medical Sciences. Prof. Kim also gave information on the possible scholarship program that can be offered to students graduated from SKKU School of Medicine.


SKKU-SOM hopes to provide sufficient information for the students to make right choices for their future career. The Career Talk Concert program is scheduled to be held once a semester regularly in the future.