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Title Welcoming Event for 2019 Freshmen Students
Name SKKUSOM Date  2019-02-28 Hit 285

Welcoming Event for 2019 Freshmen Students


On February 27, SKKU-SOM welcomed the new students for 2019 at the Natural Sciences Campus. Following the Entrance Ceremony that was held at the Suseong Building in the morning, SKKU-SOM invited the freshmen students and their parents to the Medical School. The event began with the welcoming address from Dean Choe. Dean Choe warmly welcomed the new students and told the students and the parents there is more than just knowledge in becoming good doctors. He emphasized not only the academic efforts, but also honesty, courtesy, and teamwork to become SKKU-SOM students.


Followed by the Deans address, the Vice Dean of Academic Affairs and the Vice Dean of Education gave introduction to the School of Medicine and the 6-year curriculum at SKKU-SOM.  After the presentation, students and parents raised questions on the campus life and the future career of the students at SKKU-SOM.


SKKU-SOM is delighted to welcome our freshmen students, and wish that they can fully enjoy the campus life, and make fruitful result when graduating from our school.