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Title 2019 Winter Commencement Ceremony
Name SKKUSOM Date  2019-02-21 Hit 268

2019 Winter Commencement Ceremony


201937101314381800.02.20 의과대학 학위수여식 (891).JPG


SKKU-SOM 2019 Commencement Ceremony for the MD program was held on February 20 at the Samsung Medical Center Auditorium. This year was the 17th gradaution for SKKU-SOM, and 38 proud graduates completed their curriculum and was conferred the Doctor of Medicine degree from the Dean.


The ceremony began with the introduction of each graduating students while they entered the auditorium with their parents or professors. The students were conferred their degree from the Dean and received congratulation from the participating faculty members including the Executive Vice President Kyung Soo Lee, Director of Changwon Samsung Hospital and Samsung Medical Center, and the Vice Deans of SKKU-SOM.


Dean Choe gave a warm congratulatory address for the students, metioning each students name with their unique characteristics. He encouraged students to face the challenges ahead to finally relize their dreams. Follwed by Dean Choes address, Executive Vice President Lee also congratulated the students, and encouraged students to become globally competitive doctors. The student representative, Yun Seo Lee reciprocated the congratulations, and expressed deep appreciation for all the faculty members for their teaching and advising throughout the 6 years at SKKU-SOM. She also expressed thanks to her fellow colleagues who have been the biggest strength in completing the curriculum.


The ceremony ended with the gruop photo with all the graduating students. SKKU-SOM wish all the best for our graduates, and hope that their 6 years at SKKU-SOM can be a memorable time throughout their lifetime.