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Title SKKU-SOM Summer Open House
Name SKKU-SOM Date  2015-09-10 Hit 916

  SKKU-SOM Summer Open House

Twice a year, SKKU-SOM invites middle school and high school students on campus to introduce SKKU-SOM, and provide opportunity to meet with faculty members and students at SKKU-SOM. This event is hosted by SKKU-SOM Alimi (Which means to promote in Korean), the student group which is dedicated to promote SKKU-SOM in order to recruit the top-tier high school graduates.

On August 8th, the Summer Open House was held, where 90 students from 34 different schools participated. The program began with the special lecture from Dean Kyung Soo Lee followed by overview of admission process from So Jung Lim, 4th year student at SOM. The participants also enjoyed campus and lab tour which allowed them to find out more about the medical education at SOM. They were also provided with the chance to experience the PBL (Problem Based Learning) program which is actively applied in SKKU-SOM medical education. Lastly, the participants were able to have chance to have more personal communication with the SOM students through group counselling session with the current SKKU-SOM students. The program ended with distribution of certificate of participation prepared by Alimi students. The participants left the campus with the hope of coming back as the admitted students to SKKU-SOM.